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summer blogging from Lake-town. (ins.)

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tags:   #bilbo   #the hobbit
i love the fact that people are having a fit over the whole two arrows killed smaug thing because even still boromir was taken down by more like woah buddy cool it everything is going to be okay

I see where you’re coming from and I agree with the latter. It’s just…Bard ultimately shot and killed Smaug with a SINGLE black arrow. And you have a point, Boromir still wins out. People just get hung up on the two arrows that basically missed. FFS that’s what they tease Bard about in Laketown. A chipped scale is nothing. It didn’t kill him. People need to get over themselves.

The Prince of the Woodland Realm

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My dick is seriously so chapped from people riding me about that stupid post ugh

Your pussy is way to dry to be riding my dick like this - omfg can i use this

I saw it used in one of Rihanna’s tweets, which is where I got it from, so by all means, haha.

The Hobbit chapter by chapter: Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party

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Whenever my Smaug vs Boromir text post starts to circulate again I count the seconds until somebody reblogs it and adds “nooOOOOooOO!!!11! SMAUG dIE THREE ARROW, YOU STUPID!!!!! READ BOOK!1!!!”

I now hate my own text post because of this

Yeah, but it actually took two arrows, one to make the chip in Smaug’s scales and one to actually kill him, many years later, too. The first arrow that Girion shot just bounced off. Read the book.

Are you for real right now

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Your blog is absolutely perfect. Also, you're very pretty.

Thanks, friend!

bahaha I have that exact same legolas cut out. I use him for target practice with my Nerf bow.

OMG why would you shoot at it

I hoped you've watched Legolas by Laura- The Motion Picture Best/worst thing ever

It’s my favorite thing in the world. It deserves an Oscar.

I love that you tag shut the fuck leglolas in your posts lol! Love your truly beautiful blog!

Thank you~!

I was thinking about getting one of those card board cutouts but I'm just worried my dorm mate might not be too fond of it.

I say get one anyway. It’s your place too. (Mine has helped me keep a dorm room to myself for quite some time now haha!)