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So I get asked a lot of things, and most of the time they are things I have answered multiple times. I ask that you give this a look over before asking me something, if you have doubts that you're not the first to ask. Below is the question I get asked most:

How do you remember your username?

It's actually not very difficult. It's only ten e's, nine o's, and nine a's. Think of the Ricola cough drop commercial. I don't have to login with it, either. Friendly reminder that we use our emails to log into tumblr.

I've seen you posting some things saying you're love sick or such. If a friend came up to you with flowers and asked you to go on a date, would you?

I’m honestly so scared I’d end up ruining the friendship. It’s happened a lot to me and I hate being a disappointment because I’m weird and need excessive amounts of space. There’s so many people I don’t talk to because I ran the relationship into the ground and I’ve learned that I can’t function in a relationship at all (which is kind of a revelation to say now because I haven’t been able to pinpoint what it could be). :( It’s a nice thought, a date and flowers. I’d like that. I can’t promise that it’d lead to anything healthy or stable, though.

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