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So I get asked a lot of things, and most of the time they are things I have answered multiple times. I ask that you give this a look over before asking me something, if you have doubts that you're not the first to ask. Below is the question I get asked most:

How do you remember your username?

It's actually not very difficult. It's only ten e's, nine o's, and nine a's. Think of the Ricola cough drop commercial. I don't have to login with it, either. Friendly reminder that we use our emails to log into tumblr.

Lee Pace as Thranduil on The Battle Of The Five Armies set. (x)

entityofsass submitted:

-laughs knowingly-

i saw someone making out with a picture of legolas 8 years ago i am still scarred for life

it was probably me

you're URL gives me hope

I give hope to Men, I keep none for myself.

We miss you

I’m back now! Fear not. <3

YAY I passed my finals with A’s

time to blog

When is it okay to approach a celebrity in public? My friend works at a Starbucks here in downtown and Elijah Wood has been coming there everyday and I’m freaking out??????